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Price List

 Treatment Price  
Laser tattoo removal. Free test patch test
Small Area 2cm sq.£20 per session
Other sizes priced during consultation or estimated if image and size are forwarded
Semi Permanent Make Up Removal
Eyebrows £40 per session
Birth Mark Price on Consultation
Hair Removal
Top Lip£17
Chin & Neck£30
Chin & Top Lip£28
Jaw Line£28
Jaw Line /Upper Lip/Chin£49
Full Face & Neck£70
Under Arms£24
Lower Arms£35
Full Arms£49
Hands & Fingers£25
Chest & Abdomen£70
Upper Back£49
Full Back£63
Navel / Pubic Line£20
Lower Leg / Knees£42
Full Leg£70
Skin rejuvenation
Full Face£35
Other Areas on Consultation
Age Spots / Pigmentation Small Area 2cm£20
Age Spots / Pigmentation Hands£35
Age Spots / Pigmentation Larger Areas on Consultation
Thread Veins Small area£20
Thread Veins per 20min Session£35
Acne / Acne Scar Treatment small Area £20
Acne / Acne Scar Larger Area on Consultation
Wrinkle Reduction Full Face £35
Wrinkle Reduction other Smaller Areas £20
Dermal Fillers
Per 1 ml syringeFrom £ 120
Wrinkle Relaxing Injections
1 Area £80 Female £120 Male
2 Areas£120 Female £150 Male
3 Areas£150 Female £180 Male
1 Session3 Sessions6 Sessions
Arms £30£80£150
Upper / Lower stomach£50£120£250
Full Stomach£70£180£300
Half Leg£30£80£150
Full Leg£50£120£250